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Party Pop Confetti Cannon ; Sweet Love Party Surprise Poppers for Wedding Anniversary Birthday Grand Opening Celebration
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★ Package details: 1 * Party Pop

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❤️ Product Features:
⭐ Twist and pop: you’re invited to the ultimate party – twist and pop your surprise poppers to release a burst of confetti and your party fun!
⭐ Step 1: Safety First
First, make sure to hold the cannon with the top pointing up! There should be an upwards arrow that indicates which side is the top. The twisting portion is always on the bottom! Next, make sure to stand a safe distance from other people and objects. Confetti cannons pop with power so it's important to keep safety in mind. Never aim confetti poppers at another person.
⭐ Step 2: Get Ready
With your twisting hand grasp the bottom portion of the cannon, specifically the bottom 2-3 inches. With the opposite hand, hold on to the top portion of the cannon. We also recommend making sure that the bottom of the cannon is not pointed towards your body, in case the recoil force catches you by surprise, so its best to hold them straight up or to the side.
⭐ Step 3: Twist
Once you are ready to pop, firmly twist the bottom of the confetti popper as depicted by the arrow. You might have to twist with a bit of force, but it should twist smoothly. Be prepared for a loud pop! It might catch you by surprise how powerful they are.
⭐ Step 4: Celebrate
Finally, enjoy the confetti and celebrate with your friends and family! And don't forget to take lots of pictures! By now you should be a confetti cannon pro, ready to use them at any occasion.


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✅ Package details:  1 * Party Pop
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