Crinkle Shred Filler

Protect breakable items with crinkle paper filler. You can use the shredded paper to separate the items to prevent clashing. It also prevents the objects from slipping inside the box.

As the holiday season approaches, choosing the gift for the right person is a very stressful process. But choosing how to present it is equally important. Our shredded paper for gift packaging enhances the look of your gift boxes and keeps the objects well-cushioned and safe. Hence, making you a pro in presentation.

We provide an array of colourful shredded papers you can choose from. Starting from the lightest white going to the darkest black, we have every shade you could imagine.

Let me tell you how these shredded paper fillers can help you:

  • It makes the gift stand out because of contrasting colours and beautiful crinkles.
  • It provides a safe packing from the couriers who think that the “fragile” sticker is a joke.
  • Above all, it makes you look like a gifting wizard/master. (Exclusive bragging rights included)